Project True Scale Warhammer Fantasy Battles

June 16, 2021 by Solar Cross

Here we will introduce a project to recreate the armies and factions of Warhammer Fantasy Battles in true scale.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles, alongside Warhammer 40k, may be among the best known and best selling tabletop wargames of all time. It remains in play by dedicated enthusiasts all over the world, although no longer supported by its author company Games Workshop. As one who trades in all the books and editions of this game, I can tell you there is still healthy demand for the rule and army books.

Heroic Scale vs True Scale

Over its more than thirty year history, vast numbers of models were created to populate the armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Many were fun and cool designs. However they all had one rather awkward aesthetic issue and that is “heroic scale”.

Nominally the Warhammer Fantasy Battles models are in a 28mm wargaming scale.

See my article on wargaming scales for more information about wargame scales.

However Games Workshop’s treatment of the scale manifested in some extreme distortions in the proportions. Heroic scale heads, hands and feet are proportionally bigger than the torsos and the weapons are vastly bigger, especially thicker, than they ought to be.

See my comparison of Perry’s European Mercenaries with Games Workshop’s Empire Handgunners for a detailed look at the differences between true scale and heroic scale.

This version of 28mm scale is now dubbed “heroic scale” and stands in contrast to the standard, proportionately accurate, 28mm scale found elsewhere, now called “true scale”.

Project True Scale Warhammer

Can we field models that aesthetically fit in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe but yet are nicely proportioned in true scale? The answer, I believe, is yes but it will take a good bit of searching.

Check out my article on alternative miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

So I here announce the commencement of Project True Scale Warhammer. In this project we will research the options and create Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies in true scale. In following articles we take each faction in turn and see what we can do to recreate them in true scale using the full range of miniatures available, old and new, from all the manufacturers.

Recent releases for Age of Sigmar seem to suggest that Games Workshop is abandoning heroic scale in favour of true scale, see my article for more on that.

Do you prefer heroic scale or true scale?

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