Get it Painted

Have wargame miniatures you need painted? Need it done to a superior tabletop standard at an affordable price? Need it done fast? Then I can help.

I will base, clean, assemble, prime, paint and varnish your wargame miniatures as required. Any job will be considered, from single figures to entire armies. Any models for any game system, be it Warhammer 40000, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Kings of War or others, will be done.

You may even find what you want is already painted and ready to ship in my shop on ebay. See here for what is available now!

Or get a quote for your commission today!

Country name or standard abbreviation eg: UK for United Kingdom
Introduce yourself and give a brief summary of the required work.
Describe or link to the kit to be painted. Detail any special basing or assembly requirements. Eg. magnetising.
Describe the colour scheme or style desired. Or link to images showing what you want.
Indicate any hard deadlines or soft preferences on time frames.