solarcrossgames.co.uk is devoted to the gaming adventures of a certain character named Solar Cross. That character being me. So who am I?

About Solar Cross

I am Solar Cross a youtuber and blogger on the PC video games and tabletop wargaming.

See my youtube channel see here:


I also do a bit of wheeling and dealing in old wargaming books and models.

In particular I keep a significant stock of oldhammer Warhammer Fantasy Battles books. If you are into oldhammer warhammer click here for a peek at my wares.

Also I am a professional miniature painter.

Hire me to paint your minis here!

I also dabble in graphic design for merchandise, see here for a selection of my works:

Other than that I am a gamer, hence this site, a literal heathen and aspiring gothi.

I am not devoted to social media but I am on:

Patreon: solarcross

Twitter: @SolarCrossGames

Reddit: SolarCross3x3

For a look at where I am with Steam Achievements see my Steam profile page.

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