Projekt Mork, Building the Bigger Ork Horde

March 14, 2022 by Solar Cross

Projekt Mork is another of my wacky hobby projects but is probably the most ambitious of them. In this hobby project we will build and paint a vast Ork army for Warhammer 40,000 totaling 12,0001 points (referencing 7th edition codices). All the different clans will be included at some point and very much of it will feature custom kitbashing.

As aside I have a few tips on kitbashing and converting orks.

The video below explains the main aims of this projekt:

Initially I conceived of documenting the progress of Projekt Mork only as a video series rather than as a blog here. However since I started a number of other projects which I am documenting here at I thought I should also bring Projekt Mork home to solarcrossgames too just to be more consistent.

This article will present these early Projekt Mork videos into one thread here.

Unboxing My Orky Pile of Shame

In this video we have a rummage through all the orky bits that I have accumulated so far.

Ork Kill Team, New Uses for Oldhammer

In this video we showcase the first mob of orks painted up for Projekt Mork. They are mostly made from old metal monopose Rogue Trader era orks. They will be Blood Axe Kommandoes but they squad could also work as an Ork Kill team (using 2nd edition rules).

Goff Warboss Finished

In this video we meet the first HQ choice for our ork horde, a Goff Warboss.

Ork Boyz – How to Build Fun and Lifelike Poses

In this video we consider how to pose orks for a life like look, by revisiting the big mob of slugga boyz that I had from the start of this project.

Goff Nob Mob

I knocked out this mob of Goff nobz as part of my hobby streak. They did not get a video though.

Kitbash Rogue Trader Ork Mek

In this video we convert an old Rogue Trader era ork mek to wield a kustom skorcha.

Kitbash Blood Axe Shoota Boyz

Here we build out a mob of Blood Axe shoota boyz. They will be joined by the mek made in the previous video. In the next video we will create a trukk for them.

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