How to Rush Climate Restoration Technology – Stellaris Tips

April 23, 2022 by Solar Cross

If you are asking this question then you are probably a Gestalt Consciousness looking to get either Hive Worlds or Machine Worlds going ASAP. This article will give you the answer.

Knowing the Prerequisites

Climate Restoration is a New Worlds tech under the Society Tree. Its only prerequisite technology is Terrestrial Sculpting which is also New Worlds tech. Terrestrial Sculpting has only the starting tech New Worlds Protocol.

Both Climate Restoration and Terrestrial Sculpting are weighted to come up by x1.25 if a New Worlds leader is in charge of research and also x1.25 if the Expansion Tradition is adopted (just adopted, no need to complete).

So far so easy. However Climate Restoration is a tier 4 tech and Terrestrial Sculpting is a Tier 2 tech. You will not draw T4 tech options until you have at least six T3 techs. And you will not draw T2 until you have six T1 techs.


Prioritise Society research if possible. If you are hive mind you can start with Tree of Life Origin for example. Prioritise grabbing systems with Society research yields.

Get your six T1 Society techs. By then make sure to have a New Worlds leader in charge of Society research and the Expansion Tradition adopted.

Now Terrestrial Sculpting can be drawn. Grab it as soon as it does. Grind through the rest of the T2 techs until T3 techs start appearing. You can swap out the New Worlds leader for this tier if you want.

Grind through six T3 techs and now Climate Restoration can start to appear. Put your New Worlds leader back in charge if you moved him before.

Was this guide helpful? How soon did you get Climate Restoration?

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