The Inkan Desens Playthrough – Skyrim Anniversary Edition

November 29, 2021 by Solar Cross

The series of videos below are edited versions of a live twitch stream. To enjoy a Solar Cross stream while it is LIVE follow this link – The Solar Cross Twitch Channel.

This is the story of Inkan Desens an aspiring Fire Mage who crossed into Skyrim in search of refuge and a place of study at the College of Winterhold.

Inkan Desens is following the path of the pyromancer, a kind of battlemage that specialises in fire magic.

This playthrough is my first experience of Skyrim Anniversary Edition’s new content. The new survival mode is enabled.

Episode One

In episode #1 we catch up with Inkan Desens as she begins her studies at the College of Winterhold. Prior to this point she had escaped from the dragon attack at Helgen and brought news of it to the Jarl of Whiterun. Then she resumed her journey to the College of Winterhold and enrolled there.

(Inkan Desens is a playthrough employing the “delay Dragonborn status gambit” as detailed in this article – How & Why to NOT be Dragonborn in Skyrim – check it out!)

Episode Two

Inkan Desens goes on an expedition to find missing books.

Episode Three

Inkan Desens retrieves the books.

Episode Four

Inkan Desens explores a Dwemer ruin called Mzulft in search of the Staff of Magnus.

Episode Five

Inkan Desens explores a Draugr tomb called Labyrinthian again in search of the Staff of Magnus.

Episode Six

Inkan Desens finds the staff of Magnus but a betrayal sets in motion a train of events that causes the Archmage of the College to die and for Inkan Desens to be promoted to his role.

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