Berserker Build – Skyrim

December 16, 2021 by Solar Cross

If the recent release of Skyrim Anniversary Edition has tempted you back to the world of the Elder Scrolls then why try this quirky character build?

Here follows the recipe for a berserker. The berserker is an oddity among fighters in foregoing the wearing of any armor. In place of a clumsy metal skin the berserker works himself into a potion induced frenzied trance in which he feels no pain and his wounds rapidly heal themselves! So unencumbered he is a fast and furious fighter. Only for short periods though, once the potions and the trance wears off he is much weaker.

MPS Hohenwestedt 27 Author KaOokami , Creative Commons Licence

Standing Stones

The Atronach is useful. The fortify to magicka can let you get off a dual cast or higher level cast of your Flesh spell. Since you are only casting one spell before combat the slower magicka regeneration is no bother.

The Lady Stone will save you some potions and help you avoid leveling up Restoration when you do run out.

The Lord Stone gives you some base free armor points to help cover you when your Flesh spells are down.


The berserker may the perfect build for the Companions faction. Becoming a werewolf is both hugely fitting from a roleplaying point of view but also good in game terms. If a fight goes on too long then potions get used up and flesh spells wear off. Rather than quit the werewolf berserker can kick the fury state up a notch more and become a literal beast!

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