Orks Kill Team Buyer’s Guide

June 2, 2021 by Solar Cross

Core Manual

Official Games Workshop Kits

The best buys for an orks kill team using only the core manual options would be one Ork Boyz box and one Lootas / Burnas box. This will give you enough bodies for one nob and 15 orks. Included weapon options will be four deffguns, 4 burnas, 2 rokkit launchers, 2 big shootas and a kustom mega blasta as well as plenty of shootas and slugga choppa combos. Plenty of options for any kill team.

Total retail price £42.50. Find at Element Games for discounts:

Ork Boyz box at element games

Lootas box at element games

Optionally the Lootas box can be substituted for Krogskull’s Boyz which is just a Loota box plus some scenery and Kill Team specific datacards and counters. At this time it is out of production so ebay is the best place to look for it. Expect silly prices though.

Find Krogskull’s Boyz on ebay.

Third Party

Kromlech have a number of great bits and models for use as alternative orks. Kromlech’s pieces are cast in resin though, so not as cheap or easy to work with as GW’s plastic kits. Of particular relevance to Kill Team would be Kromlech’s Incinerator Squad as alternative burnaboys and Great Coat Squad for alternative regular ork boyz.

The Incinerator Squad at Element Games

Great Coat Squad at Element Games


The Commander options for Orks are Painboy, Warboss and Big Mek.

The Painboy is available on his own in plastic or bundled in with the Ork’s Start Collecting Box. On his own he will cost £17.50.

Ork Painboy at Element Games

The Start Collecting box is aimed at Warhammer 40k rather than Kill Team. Besides the Painboy it includes a box of Ork boys and a box of Ork Nobz which are usable for Kill Team if you did not already get them.

The Deff Dread could be used for bitz to make Orky terrain pieces, just a thought! At £55 retail it represents relatively good value even for use in Kill Team assuming you can find a use for the Deff Dread.

Orks Start Collecting box at Element Games.

The Warboss can be had in metal for £15. It is an old sculpt now and armed only with a big choppa.

Metal Warboss at Element Games

Alternatively there is a plastic warboss with a power klaw in the Grukk’s Bossmob box. This box also includes the sprues from the Nobz box to make five nobz. That is a lot of nobz for a kill team but with some kitbashing some could be converted into a painboy, big mek or flash gitz if you play Elites. At £32.50 the Boss Boyz box is of debatable value to get just Grukk for a warboss.

Grukk’s Boss Boyz at Element Games

The same plastic warboss “Grukk” was released on his own especially for Kill Team but that box is hard to find now.

The Big Mek has a plastic model armed with a shokk attack gun for £22.50.

Third Party

Once again Kromlech has some options for us here too. And while GW plastic squads are cheaper than Kromlech’s resin squads the reverse is true for the characters.

As an alternative painboy Kromlech has the Orc Field Chirugeon in resin for just £8, half the price of Games Workshop’s plastic painboy.

Find Kromlech’s Orc Chirugeon at Element Games.

Oldhammer Orks for Kill Team

Alternatively consider raiding ebay for oldhammer orks, old sculpts from the early days of Warhammer 40k. The old designs are mostly monopose metal with some being metal and plastic hybrids. They are characterful and not too expensive when fielded in the small numbers of a Kill Team.

Solar Cross’s Own Ork Kill Team Showcase – Oldhammer!

I have used a lot of oldhammer orks for my kill team. The cool thing about the old metal sculpts are the natural poses, variable statures and quirky individual details. The newer plastic kits can be rather samey samey because of the need to make all the bits interchangeable for modularity. In Kill Team we like our warriors individually identifiable.

Oldhammer Blood Axe Nob with Big Choppa flanked by two Burna Boyz
Blood Axe Nob with Big Choppa in the centre, flanked by two Burna Boyz

The leader is an ork nob with a big choppa. I would like to run him as a kommando nob but inexplicably the kommando nob does not have a big choppa available as an upgrade, only a power klaw. The two burna boyz beside him are both metal released before the plastic kit came out. I usually make tone a demolition specialist.

Three oldhammer metal monopose ork Kommandos
Three Oldhammer Kommandos

Then I have three of these old metal monopose kommandos. I usually make one of them a scout specialist.

four oldhammer ork boyz
Four Oldhammer regular Ork Boyz

For general ork boy mooks I have these four oldhammer metal monopose ork boyz. The rest of the roster is filled up with regular plastic orks from the newer kits.

Find yourself your own oldhammer orks on ebay here.

And if you like I can paint them for you too.

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