Hobby Streak Day 18 – Eldar Striking Scorpions a Few Details.

February 21, 2021 by Solar Cross

So far my attempt at a hobby streak has helped me get a lot more hobby work done than before. However my table is still fairly cluttered with half-finished projects. For the coming days I want to prioritise the projects that are nearest completion in order clear the table up fast. So today I have re-ordered the projects on the table so that the projects nearest to completion are at the front and those with most still do at the back. In following days I am going to try to focus on those at the front of the stack.

At the back of the queue are the Warp Spiders and Sentinel who have only been primed. Next are a ton of old metal Fire Dragons who have had a light map painted over their primer. Ahead of them are the Ork Nobz who have a few areas of colour blocked in. After them are 5 Dire Avengers that I have had on my table half done for an absurdly long time. They are a little closer to completion compared with the Orks but for some reason I am not liking painting them. The lanky bois are next, the Eldar War Walker and the oldhammer Wraithlord. Strictly speaking they could be further back but they have loose bits and I also want to prioritise the projects with loose bits. Second from the front are a characterful mob of Blood Axe Ork Boyz. They are the subject for a youtube video for my Projekt Mork that I have yet to complete. Finally right at the front are the Eldar Striking Scorpions and an Eldar Warlock. These are really close to being finished, having just a few finishing touches and details to work on.

I would not count re-arranging my table towards the hobby streak so I got to work on those at the front of the queue, the Eldar Scorpions. I put down some black on the hoses and eye lenses, some silver where the spirit stones will go and some other areas like the chainsword teeth. Also I used a little brown ink to line in some of the details of the helmets. Perhaps they will be completed in tomorrow’s session.

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