Fallout 1 – A Quest for the Origins – A Youtube Playthrough

November 3, 2019 by Solar Cross


The original Fallout, now retrospectively called Fallout 1, was released way back in 1997. Decades later and it stands as the mysterious origin of a colossal franchise of games. Mysterious for some because for a majority of the newer and younger fans and players of the later Fallout games in the series the ancient Fallout 1 remains unplayed.

I am old enough to have played it back when it was released but even then that was decades ago and I barely remember it. Join me on Twitch and Youtube as I dig about in the vaults of this dusty relic of a bygone age.

If you don’t have Fallout 1 yet you can get it here.

UPDATE! – Twitch Ditched for Youtube

Originally I planned to stream this run on twitch but as it turns out I am hopeless at keeping to a schedule which is more or less necessary for streaming. If instead I just upload instalments to youtube I can do that more or less whenever it suits me, so that is what I will do. See the end of this post for

Therefore just skip over all the following info referencing Twitch and look out for the embedded youtube video at the end of this post.

Twitch Stream Schedule – Fallout

My Fallout twitch stream is scheduled for 22:00 (10pm) to 00:00 Saturday GMT starting November 23rd 2019


17:00 EST, 16:00 CST, 15:00 MST, 14:00 PST for the US and Canada.


09:00 AEDT and 11:00 NZDT for Australia and New Zealand

If you are anywhere else in the world check out this link to find your time.

Watch live video from dippyhippy on www.twitch.tv

I hope to see you there fellow vault dwellers!


If you miss the Twitch stream you can catch highlights later on my Youtube channel: Solar Cross

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My Past Experience of Fallout 1

Although I remember Fallout 1 coming out back in the day I did not actually play it. However I did play its similar sequel Fallout 2 quite a lot. Decades later I played Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 fairly extensively. Along the way I picked up the Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics in a Steam sale for nostalgia’s sake but still did not play them.

When I decided to play around with Twitch streaming I thought it might be fun to do a retro or obscure game just to avoid being the millionth streamer of the latest popular game. Fallout is a natural choice because it is off the beaten track a bit for twitch streamers but it is not totally obscure either due to its popular successors so there is some potential interest out there.

So then I did some play of the game just to check that it might be suitable for Twitch, actually work on my system (I am a linux gamer!) and have some fun potential. I did not play it too much though; I went about as far as Junktown after Shady Sands and Vault 15.

For this playthrough then I will going in semi-blind. I am aware of the lore and broad features of the game system, such as SPECIAL, from its many sequels but I have not explored much of this edition’s specific content yet.

Playthrough Game Rules

I am a big fan of Fallout 4’s survival mode and I will generally gravitate to ironman, permadeath and YOLO playthroughs for any game. We will do something similar here. Fallout 1 does not have the equivalent of a Survival mode or Ironman mode but we can approximate it with a few simple playthrough rules. I call this Pseudo Ironman Mode.

Pseudo Ironman Mode

The only saves I will make are when resting for at least eight in-game hours and at session completion, about every two real-time hours of play. Those that have played Fallout 4 may recognise this as a nod to Fallout 4’s survival mode which only allowed saves when sleeping in a bed and exiting to desktop.

I can not replicate any of the other survival mode features like eating, drinking or going to the toilet (?) but I can at least ban save scumming.

Character Build

Doing an ironman mode walkthrough of a game which I have hardly played in front of millions a handful of Twitch viewers could result in some embarrassing oof. It will make sense to go in with a particularly resilient character build to minimise premature failures of continuous existence.

oof in sweatshirt form

What I have in mind now for a resilient build is what I like to call the Thrud the Barbarian build. Thrud the Barbarian is a dialled-up-to-11 parody of Conan the Barbarian. Oldhammer fans, like me, will remember Thrud featuring in the White Dwarf magazine an age ago. Yet more nostalgia for us old gamers!

Thrud the Barbarian

Thrud the Barbarian

The Thrud build is predominantly melee focused with a maxed out physique balanced by minimal charm and intellect.

Strength of a rhinoceros
Speed of a jungle cat
Intelligence of a garden snail

Carl Critchlow on his creation Thrud

The way I see this working in Fallout’s character builder is for the following base stats in SPECIAL:

Strength 9, Perception 3, Endurance 9, Charisma 1, Intelligence 3, Agility 9, Luck 6

These are buffed by the starting Gifted perk to:

S 10, P 4, E 10, C 2, I 4, A 10, L 6

I think Gifted is a natural perk for Thrud, he is certainly that. The other optional perk I would take is either Bloody Mess, Kamikaze or Fast Metabolism. I am leaning towards Fast Metabolism at the moment but we will see what I take when the time comes.

Fast metabolism gives faster natural healing but at the cost of a decreased resistance to poison and radiation. That decreased resistance works against the resilience premise of the build a bit, but even Achilles had an Achilles’ Heel. At least the faster healing will help keep his vast pool of HP topped up through the carnage.

Tag skills will be Unarmed, Melee and Throwing.

Thrud’s Starting Build

Character Development

Obviously at this time I have only a vague idea of what perks may be available as Thrud levels up. I assume they will be somewhat similar to those in Fallout 2, 3 and 4. Whatever is available we will go with those that buff health, resilience and melee damage output.

Aside from the tag skills the only other skills I see us working on are in order of importance: Big Guns, First Aid, Traps, Barter and Speech.

I do not see Thrud as necessarily a pure melee fighter; he is good at throwing things after all. Absolutely he will pick up the big guns when they become available.

That is the build we will be running with, let us see how well he does in the wasteland…

Stream Updates

What follows here will be brief, session by session, updates of the story so far with a link to the corresponding Youtube video. There is nothing to see here yet!

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